Data Analyst Career Prospects For Aspiring Candidates

Setting up a data analyst career is the wisest decision for a person who is interested in dealing with data. This is because it is one of the most sought-after professions across the globe. There is a huge demand for data analyst professionals in every industry due to the enormous amount of data available. Hence, […]

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Scope of Career in Splunk – Best Course for a Promising Future

A career in Splunk guarantees a bright future as it is one of the most sought after tools in the industry currently. Do you wonder why there is so much buzz about Splunk recently? It gives intelligent insights about customers, their trends & patterns, behavior, etc. from the unstructured data. Yes, you read it right! Unstructured data is […]

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Must-Have Skills to succeed in Cyber Security

The Cybersecurity field is rapidly growing and so is the demand for talented cybersecurity professionals. Jobs in cybersecurity are lucrative making it one of the most sought-after IT career option. In this blog, we discuss some must-have skills to succeed in the cybersecurity field that include technical and soft skills. Technical Skills Intrusion detection through […]

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7 Cyber Security Tools Every Analyst Needs to Know About

With the rise of too many hackers from every corner of the globe, protecting the sensitive data with the help of security tools have become the topmost priority. Every organization strives hard to take preventive measures to escape from data loss and data breach. Though it is hard to find a solid way to eliminate […]

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How to Become a Security Analyst? Prerequisites, Salary, etc.

An increasing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks in every part of the world in the current digital era has given rise to the need for security analysts. This indicates that every organization is looking for various effective ways to secure their sensitive data and its business as a whole. Thus the security analysts help organizations eliminate risk by […]

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