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Snowflake is a scripted, web-based tool that is used for querying on varying databases. Snowflake is an analytic data warehouse available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, where you’ll be allowed to create an account in the web-interface. Snowflake has a provision of a data warehouse which is faster, flexible to use, and far more simple than traditional data warehouse offerings. 


Snowflake course covers the snowflake command-line client and SnowSQL features. It touches upon theconcepts of Snowflake and how and where it is used. It includes Security and Data Protection, Standard and Extended SQL Support, Tools and Interfaces, Connectivity, Data Import, Export and Sharing, validations of different formats of data. 

U.S. nationals average salary: $44,000 / Year 

In this course on Snowflake, you will learn initial configuration, security and data management, creating snowflake objects, stage the data files, query the loaded data, Data sharing and validations in different formats, implementing standard and SQL support, hands-on in SnowSQL (Python-based web-client). It will also include automating your interaction with the data to perform numerous tasks such as data analysis, data monitoring, and SnowSQL in a programmatic manner. You will be learning the integration of popular Data warehousing and Business Intelligence tools. The snowflake skill-set is highly in demand in the software engineering market. Learn Snowflake skills and give an added edge to your career. 

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Database and basics of python knowledge are essential for taking Snowflake training.

What You’ll Learn

Overview of Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse 

Building scalable modern data warehouse 

Snowflake cloud data warehouse architecture 

Basics of Cloud and SAAS 

Who This Course Is For

Freshers willing to build a strong career in data science 

IT professionals looking for career advancements 

Professionals interested in data warehouse or cloud data warehouse 

Organizations wanting to build their own data warehouse 

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I am an IT professional with very less coding knowledge and interest. But, I found this course really interesting and the tutoring by my instructor was excellent. I recently started my new job in data warehouse domain.  


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