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Elasticsearch is an open source and distributed search and analytics engine for all kinds of data, such as textual, numerical, structured, unstructured, and geospatial. Elasticsearch is the central component of the Elastic Stack, a set of open source tools for data ingestion, enrichment, storage, analysis, and visualization and is preferred for its simple REST APIs, speed, distributed nature, and scalability. Popularly known as ELK Stack (after Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), the Elastic Stack includes a versatile collection of lightweight shipping agents called Beats for sending data to Elasticsearch.


Elasticsearch has excellent search capabilities and features. Elasticsearch is used together with the other components in the ELK Stack, Kibana and Logstash for data analysis, and takes on the role of data indexing and storage. Raw data seeps into Elasticsearch from sources such as logs, system metrics, and web applications. Data ingestion happens when this raw data is parsed, normalized, and enriched before it is indexed in Elasticsearch. After it gets indexed in Elasticsearch, users can run complex queries against their data and deploy aggregations to retrieve complex summaries of their data. Kibana can be used for creating powerful visualizations of their data, sharing dashboards, and managing the Elastic Stack.

Elasticsearch is highly sought after search engine and could be an excellent addition to your CV – even if you are already familiar with other search engines or frameworks such as Apache Lucene, Apache Solr, Amazon CloudSearch, etc.

U.S. nationals average salary: $123,563 / Year 

This course will give you a strong base on Elasticsearch. It will expand your knowledge on deploying and managing Elasticsearch clusters, how to use your deployment for developing powerful search and analytics solutions with hands-on practices. It helps you learn how to configure and maintain Elasticsearch clusters, and also explore into its inner workings, gain insight into analyzers, queries, aggregations, mappings, and much more. It also introduces you t real-time projects, which are in-line with the Elasticsearch Certification.

This Course Includes

Live Project Work

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There are no specific prerequisites to learn Elasticsearch; Even a beginner can learn it from scratch.

What You’ll Learn

Using Elasticsearch to build a powerful search engine 

Writing complex search queries 

The critical theory of Elasticsearch 

Basic concepts and terminologies of Elasticsearch 

Who This Course Is For

Students aspiring to pursue a career in search engine development 

Job seekers wishing for a future proof career 

Developers interested to learn Elasticsearch 

Freshers looking for a developer position 

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It’s indeed a wonderful course. The course outlines all the basic concepts, components, and structures of Elasticsearch. So, it helped me understand Elasticsearch right from the bottom. 


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