Getting Started with Micro Python for ESP8266

Micro Python is nothing but a re-implementation of Python version 3 aimed at microcontrollers and embedded systems. Installation of Python on Windows Ensure that you have installed the latest version of Python 3.7.X on your computer. If not, follow the below instructions for Python 3.7.X installation. From the Python Downloads page: www.python.org/downloads Download the installation file. Select the desired version based on your OS. Click Download to start the installation. Enable the option “Add Python […]

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Fundamentals of Hadoop

Hadoop has revolutionized the management of large data sets also known as Big Data. As datasets grow in size, complexities escalate. Hadoop is designed to solve big data problems that relational databases such as SQL Server, My SQL and Oracle can’t. It is being used by several big tech giants such as Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, and IBM […]

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Splunk Fundamentals

Leading organizations understand the value of data in decision making and use it to their advantage by gathering, auditing and manipulating intelligence hidden in data. However, the challenge most businesses face is maneuvering around colossal amounts of machine-generated data that can be structured, unstructured or semi-structured. In this article, we discuss Splunk fundamentals and how […]

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CyberArk Fundamentals

Security breaches are happening at an alarming rate making increased cybersecurity a priority for organizations big and small. Data security is no longer only an IT issue and requires business leaders to implement new robust security technologies in order to build a resilient IT infrastructure. With today’s workforce accessing data from several different platforms and […]

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